Prank Thy Neighbor: CM’s Best Pranks For April Fools’ Day

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As April Fools’ Day approaches, we must prepare and arm ourselves for war. If you’re not a fan of getting whipped cream to the face or your entire room turned upside down, you need to become the offender, not the victim. That’s where College Magazine comes in! If you've been too busy studying or talking about how much you have to study to come up with a prank of your own, it's your lucky day.  Here are some of the best college pranks from students just like you to help your brainstorming process along. Let the prank war commence:

Balloon Room

If you have strong lungs and are looking for a fairly simple classic, try the balloon room prank. All you have to do is blow up dozens of balloons (recruit friends) and fill your victim’s dorm with the colorful wonders of air. Throw in some condom balloons for added weirdness.

“Once my entire lecture class got together and blew up about 200 balloons to fill our teacher’s classroom. We assembled all the balloons, brought them in trash bags and got to class earlier than the teacher so we could fill it up. These things were everywhere and even stuck to everyone’s hair. Instead of getting mad, our teacher actually commended us on creativity. I mean who can get angry when balloons are present?”

-Matt Block, Junior, Duke University

Flour Bomb

Another famous prank that’s sweeping the nation is the flour bomb. This is a very affordable prank because all you need is a cheap bag of flour and an unsuspecting, innocent person. When your prey least expects it, sneak up behind them and dump the bag of flour all over them. This prank is funnier if the person has an important affair to attend promptly after the flour bomb.

“While residents of my dorm building were supposed to be making stress balls with flour and balloons, we decided to get our RA by using the flour in an unconventional way. We had someone pretend to pose for a photo with my RA, and I ran up behind her and allowed a cascading ball of flour get all over her clothes. She was not too happy.”

Louis Naimoli, Freshman, Hofstra University

Learn from the New Zealanders!

Last year right before finals, a group of students at the University of Otago in New Zealand spent over 24 hours covering their friend’s entire room with foil. This story made local news and the students became famous around campus. Even though they pronounce aluminum in that funny way (al-you-min-yum), they sure know how to utilize it!

“The prank came about us talking as a house about doing something crazy to someone but never got round to it until end of year exams when I was away for a week studying in my hometown and they did it to me. My flat mates set the camera up in my room and left it on during the whole thing so they could capture my genuine reaction.”

-Hamish Chang, student at Otago University

Do Something Creepy

If you can’t think of anything that will annoy your friends, do something that will scare the living crap out of them.

“Around Halloween, I was out to eat and a friend noticed a fake cat sitting on the bar, and made a comment on how it was one of the scariest and most disturbing things he’s ever seen. This was no ordinary Halloween decoration; this cat had random tufts of hair spouting off in different directions. It honestly looked as if someone buried it in the ground for 25 years and then decided to resurrect it for the upcoming Halloween festivities. On our way out, my friend snatched the cat and we sprinted out of the bar. We walked past our girl friends’ house so we decided to go inside to show off the cat. We took it upstairs and hid it in their shower. We tied its disgusting tail around the showerhead and then we shut the curtain. A girl who lives there found it the next morning and from what we were told, woke up the entire house with her screams.”

-Mark Davison, Senior, Michigan State University

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