Popular Jobs for College Students

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Sometimes I ask why college professors find it acceptable to drop $400 on textbooks, materials and online pass codes. I mean, how am I going to pay for all those books? There definitely won’t be any leftover cash for booze. 
Like other college kids worldwide, you might consider finding a job or work study. Not only will jobs offer good pay, but they will allow you to work around class schedules as well as look good on a resume. Try to look for work in a field that’s related to the career you’re pursuing. Through these jobs, you’ll hopefully gain relevant skills, contacts and experience.

IT Support
IT field-related work for students is booming across college campuses. For those who are computer savvy, the job description often includes helping students and professors in solving technical issues and installing computer software. Another plus? It pays very well.

Even if you’re not going into the education field, tutoring can hone your skill in an area as well as test how familiar you are in the subject. It’s not only the student who benefits from lessons.

Retail Sales Associate
There’s more to it than folding clothes and ringing up products. Not only do you gain customer service experience, but you also enjoy perks such as flexible hours and a generous employee discount. Every day is a networking opportunity for you and your customers, coworkers and boss. Take advantage of those hours.

Lab Assistant
Are you interested in the field of laboratory sciences? Employers like to see that you have research experience, so look for these job openings on or off campus. It will give you the hands-on experience that will give an extra boost to your resume.

Bank Teller
College students can also take up a bank teller's job for part time work. You'll gain customer service experience, and you'll become familiar with numbers. Sometimes students who are interested in working in the financial industry get their feet wet as tellers.

Home Health Aide
For those interested in a career in health care, this job will provide valuable insight for your future. The number of home health aide positions is expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations, and health care employment has held up during this recession.

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