Let Me Be Your #1: Playlist

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Need something to keep your head up as you head back for second semester? Stay motivated and stay on top of your game. Here is a playlist so epic that all of the song titles include the number ONE.
"Square One Here I Come" – The Hives
We’re back to square one: new semester, clean slate. Here’s some angry music to fuel your angst.

"1000 Things" – Jason Mraz
Here we have 1000 Things, and with it 1000 reasons to fall even more deeply in love with the incredible Jason Mraz.

"One Headlight" – The Stairwells
William & Mary’s male a cappella singing group, The Stairwells, covered this Wallflowers original. The rendition is absolutely mind-blowing and completely beautiful, not to mention it has a surprise ending.

"1+ 1" – Beyoncé
Officially verified by College Magazine that Beyoncé is not only an amazing singer, but also a mathematician. The song is perfect for the playlist—just as we’re falling in love with The Stairwells, we get a swift dose of romance from Blue Ivy’s lovely mother.

"1901" – Phoenix
Phoenix just makes the ultimate study music. Caution: the echoes on echoes on echoes in this song will stimulate your homework-dominating nerves and cause you to be explosively efficient.

"One Sweet Love" – Sara Bareilles
Take a little break from all that productivity, close your eyes, and “sit and watch the waves with me.” Your reward is a sweet serenade by little-voice Sara.

"12:51" – The Strokes
There is no better song for college than this single off The Strokes’ Room On Fire album. Try to resist the urge to party as you listen to this song. Actually, who are we kidding—get up and have some party time. You deserve it after all that hard work.

"One Tree Hill" – U2
This song is so splendid that it has a TV show named after it. Thus, it is surely good enough to make your second-semester playlist.

"1000 Bpm" – Beck
Your heart is likely to beat 1000 beats per minute as you think of howexcited you are that you’ve gotten all your work done in addition toparty time. Man, this semester is going well.

"One of the Boys" – Katy Perry
What’s wrong with being a bro, Katy? Some seriously thought-provoking material here; her music is as catchy as ever and this song keeps our focus off Russell Brand and our own personal one(s)-who-got-away.

"One and Only" – Adele
Nothing like some jazzy Adele lovin’ to remind us of what is actually important this semester. Time to start the semester fresh and “forget your past.”

"Cyclone" – Baby Bash feat. T-Pain
Alright, a bit of a stretch as far as the ONE song-title rule goes, but we just couldn’t resist adding this throwback jam to the list. Bust out your Nappy Boy swag as you dominate second semester.

"One More Time With Feeling" – Regina Spektor
You’ve come so far, and the year is more than half over. Hold on! One more semester with feeling.

"You’re the One" – Alyssa Graham
She’s honey-voiced, a rising star, and perfect to jump-start a folksy semester. Alyssa Graham’s new single is released on her new album Lock, Stock, and Soul.

"One" – Vampire Weekend
“Turn and walk back to your room” is some great advice from these Columbia University graduates.  Vampire Weekend says it all. Now go do your homework.

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