Pimp Out Your Beer Pong Table

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Beer pong table, that is! The classic competitive drinking game needs a makeover, and once again, I’m consulting the experts I’ve come to know and love as college fraternity brothers for advice. You may think this game requires just a table and some red solo cups, but lets be real: how boring is that? I’ve come up with some clever ways to turn this table-top tournament into an exciting and innovative way to drink.

1. Make Arts and Crafts

You don’t need to be Leonardo da Vinci to paint your school mascot or Greek letters on a wooden table. Acrylic paint is cheap and durable, so it should last through many rounds of spills and slams. This will bring everyone’s focus back to the game and keep you pumped up and playing your best.

2. Don’t have a table? Improvise!

I have heard of many frugal freshmen using closet doors as tables. While I do not condone vandalizing or underage drinking, this is a very crafty way of making something out of nothing. All you need is a door and two bar stools to support it. No money? No problem!

3. Prevent Spillage

To avoid damage to your precious table at all costs, you can cut out holes to hold solo cups. Trace the bottom of each cup in the pyramid with a pencil. Then, using a saw or some other manly power tool, cut out the holes. Your friends will think you’re inventive and handy.

4. If All Else Fails…

Buy a Pong A Long! This portable beer pong table comes in many sizes and colors. So no matter where the rager is, you’ll always have an equally wild table to go along with it.

Photo: kerryvaughan at flickr.com

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