Pick-Up Tips From…The Southern Gentleman

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Maybe the trend started when New York City’s “Naked Cowboy” made his debut, but everyone is a sucker for a southern gentleman. Their adorable accents and the way they always say ma’am makes everyone’s hearts melt. But what is it exactly that make these country cuties so darn charming? Colin Ireland, a senior business major at Middle Tennessee State University, gives CM the inside scoop!

CM: How do southern guys usually approach girls?

We really focus on showing off our true personality mostly. There’s less of a need to make ourselves seem successful and well-off.

CM: Describe a typical southern date.

We usually start by taking a girl out to dinner and then going to the lake and sharing a blanket by the fire while watching the stars. That may sound stereotypical and corny, but down here, things like that are looked at differently. It is definitely a better quality date and a better memory. It’s more special than going to a movie or a club.

CM: What are some things you look for in a girl?

It is really important to me that a girl is nice and polite. She has to be understanding and accepting, while still having enough of an attitude to make a nice rejection. She also has to have a certain charm about her. I definitely look for brains in a girl. I could never be with someone who is okay with flying through life on looks only. Guys [in the south] also look for girls that will be a good mom someday…one that we can see ourselves falling in love with and knowing that we can rely on her to help raise our kids right. And, of course, good looks are always a plus!

CM: What is your biggest turn off?

I would say that my biggest turn-off is when a girl has a really ugly attitude and personality. I hate girls who think they’re the best and don’t care about other people. It’s frustrating seeing girls who think that everyone should revolve around them and owe her the world.

CM: How would you let someone down if you were not interested in them?

I would tell her that I think she’s awesome, and tell her truthfully about all of her good qualities, but then I would tell her why we couldn’t be together. I would tell her how her good qualities conflict with my bad qualities and how she deserves better than me. It may not be true, but it’s the nicest way to get the point across […]I like to try to remain friends, but if she can’t accept that then there’s nothing I can do.

CM: What’s the strangest thing anyone’s ever done to try to pick you up?

I knew this girl was interested in me, and one day while I was drinking out of the water fountain she came up from behind and tried to five me a little love tap on my head. She ended up pushing my face into the spout and my lip hit the metal thing. My teeth hit my lip and my mouth started bleeding. I got pretty mad, haha.

CM: What advice would you give to girls about southern gentlemen?

Make sure you make him feel like a man. Every true gentleman is a real man and if you don’t make him feel like one, then he will lose interest in you. Southern gentlemen love to think that they’re helping their “damsel in distress” so whatever you can do to make them feel like that earns you big points. When I open up to a girl, I want her to help me get over my insecurities and find the humor in them instead of ignoring them. I guarantee you that even if you haven’t realized it, us gentlemen like to help you with your insecurities and if he isn’t willing to do this, then you haven’t found yourself a true, southern gentleman.  

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