Pick-Up Tips From…The Party Animal

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You know that crazy story you overheard in Monday’s class? Well chances are, it was probably about this guy…every college party has that guy that is always down for a good time. He’s loud, enthusiastic and maybe not always one to think things through…but regardless, he has the most fun. Zack Rodabaugh of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio prides himself on always being able to keep things exciting. This carefree attitude makes it evident that the “party animal” has a way with the ladies. Here are some tips from one of “those guys”:

CM: What are the advantages to being seen as the party animal when it comes to getting girls?

When I go out I just try to have fun, that is my main goal and as far as I’m concerned, it is a recipe for success. In my experience, if you are enjoying yourself and not trying to be cooler than you actually are, girls will take an interest in you. I also have little shame, so getting turned down doesn't mess up my mood or mojo. Also, I can party hard and make a fool of myself and it doesn’t really shock anyone or change my reputation, whether that is good or bad.

CM: Is it easy to pick up girls at parties?

I honestly don't really try to pick up girls at parties that often. I like to get wasted at parties and get as many people drunk as possible because fun and girls usually ensue after that happens. I “pick up” more girls just by hanging out with my girlfriends and their friends in a relaxed setting.

CM: What do you look for in a girl?

At this point in my life, I'm looking for a girl who is not afraid to let her hair down, can hang with the guys and likes to laugh.

CM: What are some good opening lines you would use?

I usually just introduce myself and smile and if I like something about a girl, I will not hesitate to tell her. Compliments, manners and smiles are the easiest way to make a girl happy.

CM: Is it better to be bold or mysterious while trying to pick you up?

Fortune favors the bold. Plus, I don't know many guys who would take offense to a girl hitting on them.

CM: What is the first thing you try to do to impress a girl?

The first thing I do to impress a girl is anything that will make a girl remember me in a good way; whether that is asking her to dance, pointing out the elephant in the room in a funny way or just talking to her when no one else is. Basically, I do what all the other guys around aren't doing.

CM: What's your biggest turn-off?

Girls who complain constantly. Also, girls who are unappreciative…so annoying.

CM: What are the advantages to a girl for being with a "party animal"?

“Party animals” know how to have fun and if you are with one, chances are he’s going to want you to have fun with him and I’m assuming that’s what girls want. Also, he will probably pay for your drinks…

CM: As a “party animal”, do you go for girls with that same sort of mindset?

Yes, I definitely do. I love a girl who lets loose and lets her inhibitions go.

CM: Tips you'd give for getting girls?

Every guy is different, but as long as you have a good attitude, acknowledge girls in a positive way and do what you do with confidence… good things will happen. But if they don't, who cares, because you are having fun anyways.

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