Pick-Up Tips from…the Homebody

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Homebodies generally enjoy staying in more than they do going out, but there’s more to them than one might think. Meet Corinne Westerhoff, a sociology major and double minor in Spanish and fitness instruction at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Although her university may have a party-school reputation, Corinne prefers to spend a quiet night at home alone or with friends. See her tips on how to pick-up a homebody like her!

 CM: Why do you prefer to stay home on some nights?

When I spend a night in with my girl friends, I can just relax and be comfortable and have deeper conversations and get to know someone better. It also minimizes potential drama and saves money.    

 CM: What do you do when you stay in?

I like to cook, watch documentaries, catch up with friends, catch up on reality TV or read magazines. 

CM: Where do you like to go when you do go out?

Go out for a drink or coffee, go dancing or walk around a large city.

CM: You go to UCSB, which as a reputation for being a big party school. How do you resist going out all the time?

I just don’t have the urge to party. I can still be active and be part of the community with a good social life without going crazy. I prefer to spend time with my friends than be around random people who are drunk or acting creepy.  

CM: What is the cheesiest pick up line you’ve ever heard?

“Your daddy must have been a drug dealer…cause you dope!” 

CM: What is the trait you look for most in a guy?

A combination of humor, leadership and genuineness.  

CM: What is a deal breaker for you?

Arrogance! Any man who thinks he is God’s gift to women is a complete turn-off for me. Quiet confidence is way more attractive.  

CM: Describe the perfect date.

Something active and outdoorsy, like hiking or swimming in the ocean, followed by dinner and drinks at a restaurant and a walk around the city. A mix of adventure and relaxation. 

CM: Do you like guys to be more adventurous or more low-key?

I like guys who are more adventurous who can keep me on my toes and keep things fresh in a relationship. However, he must also be content with hanging out on the couch every so often, with just me, without all the music, lights and glitz.  

CM: Would you be against dating someone who likes to party and go out often?

No, as long as they are being responsible, and would be just as happy spending a night in with just me.

CM: What are the advantages of dating someone who is more of a homebody?

Not needing to worry as often about your boyfriend or girlfriend drinking too much, having other people flirt with them or being in unsafe situations. There are also more opportunities to get to know them one-on-one.

CM: What advice would you give to other homebodies who want to pick-up a guy or girl?

Start as friends. When you want to make a move, cook him or her a romantic dinner at home and focus on getting to know each other over a meal.

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