Pick-Up Tips From…The Fine Arts Student

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Tortured soul, eccentric, starving artist: these are some stereotypes of a fine arts student. Now meet Jennifer Martin, a junior at Parsons The New School For Design, whose energy towards life shatters all images of this misunderstood major.

CM: Do you prefer dating art students or guys outside your major?

I don't really have a preference; it's all about personality for me. But when I find out a guy I'm into has an artistic side —whether it be music, art or something else— it's a major plus.

CM:In your opinion, who's the sexiest man in the art field? 

The sexiest man in the art field for me would have to be Tim Burton. I'm not judging by his looks or his personality, but as one of my favorite artists and designers, his work is so dark and mysterious. It's off-putting and unique; you'll instantly known Tim Burton's work from anyone else's.

CM: What would be your ideal date?

My ideal date is anything different, like hiking, playing pool, or going to a concert.

CM: What's a definite deal-breaker?

A bad attitude. If you're rude to me or the waitress, it's always a major turn-off.

CM:What's the most creative date you've had?

I wouldn't say creative, but one of the most "real" dates I've been on, involved a decent drive outside of the city. We ended up in a field in the middle of nowhere and laid there for hours, just talking and looking at the stars that we couldn't see with the city lights.

CM:Is an interest in the arts necessary?

An interest in the arts isn't necessary, but a respect for them is.

CM:Is your date's wardrobe important?

As long as a guy looks like he takes care of himself, I don't really mind what he wears, but within reason of course; capes and costumes aren't really my thing!

CM:What an instant “no” when asking you out?

Anything overly sexual. An overly aggressive approach is a huge no.

CM:What are some stereotypes people have about arts students? 

There's a tendency to associate artists with depressed and melancholy souls. While art is often a good outlet for pain, many artists have a positive connection with their work.

CM:What advice would you give guys who want to pick you up?

To be confident and just be yourself.

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