Pick-Up Tips From…The Comeback Kid

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College students are under pressure in so many areas of our lives. There’s the pressure to excel in the classroom and pile on some extracurricular activities. On top of that, we then have to run to our internships and make it back in time for work so we can pay for going to school in the first place. As if that isn’t torture enough, the pressure to look good so we can attract the opposite sex is tremendous. Being single isn’t exactly painted in the best light, but there are definite perks to it. Kenny, a senior at Temple University, is finally getting reacquainted with the dating game, but don’t call it a comeback.

CM: When was your last relationship?

It lasted from June 2008 to October 2009, my sophomore year.

CM: Have you gotten serious with anyone since then?

Somewhat, but he failed.

CM: Why has it been so long since you last dated?

I haven’t found that guy who’s going to take me to new heights spiritually and challenge me to grow. A lot of guys my age aren’t concerned with that. They’re trying to have fun, party and do stuff I’m not interested in doing. I can’t see myself getting serious with any of them.

CM: Where do you go to meet someone?

I’ve never sought out guys. I guess I’m old-fashioned. There’s kind of a stigma surrounding girls who pick up guys.

CM: Do you ever feel pressure to be in a relationship?

Not pressure, just a desire to have that connection with someone.

CM: What is your perfect date?

Well, I don’t like going to eat on dates because I feel like I’m being watched so it’s awkward. I like active dates like roller-skating or wall-climbing. Something where you’re just engaging with that person and you can see their personalities come through.

CM: What do you look for in a guy?

He has to be a Christian and live out the Bible. He has to have a good sense of humor and a positive influence on me. He also has to have integrity, a sense of direction and career goals.

CM: How have your standards changed from the last time you were in a relationship to now?

Before, I was very much concerned with appearances and what other people thought. I wasn’t concerned with the type of person I was becoming by being in that relationship. But now, I’m looking for someone who will build me up. I’m less concerned with what people think and more concerned with how the person will help me grow and encourage me. I’m looking for something that will last. If not, it’s not worth my time.

CM: Do you have any words of wisdom for other comeback kids?

Be patient and don’t expect “the one” to come around right away. There’s nothing wrong with knowing the quality of the person you want and sticking to that. If you’re seriously trying to get into the dating game, make sure you’re not just trying to fill a void. Make sure the person matters to you and the relationship has substance.

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