Pick-Up Tips From…Miss Unattached

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The men in her life will always remember Miss Stevie Van Horn as “the girl who got away.” When it comes to commitment and relationships, Van Horn has a hard time settling down. Beginning her second year of pediatric nursing at Front Range Community College, Van Horn has made her life-goals a priority and pushed boys to the backburner.

 CM: What is it about relationships that make you hesitant or indifferent?

S: I prefer to be single. It is the beauty of self-confidence—being able to be alone and independent—that keep me this way. I like doing my own thing and feeling free, and I would only feel tied down [in a relationship].

CM: Do you think that being unattached is a good or bad thing?

I think it can be good or bad depending on the person. I would love to be attached to someone that would treat me well and respectfully. Typically I think that being attached to a guy at this age is a terrible idea because of how immature we all are.

CM: When scoping out a guy, what are you careful to notice?

How he portrays himself to the public, if he is true to his words and how he interacts with other women.

CM: What’s the best place for a guy to approach you?

Some place classy like a coffee shop or somewhere random like a grocery store or Laundromat: something fun and personal.

CM: How do you prefer to get to know guys of interest?

The best way for me to get to know a guy genuinely is 100% through fun hikes, parading around the town, going to shows and cook-offs. Dinner and a movie is not my thing because I think it automatically gives me the idea that I need to act like a “lady,” be polite and a good date—and that is not me at all. I like to have fun.

CM: Describe your ideal guy. What qualities would capture your attention?

I think the main qualities for me in a guy would be humor and humility. I also need someone who is going to be pretty pushy with me because I have been single for so long: someone who can convince me verbally and show me that they deserve my attention.

CM: If you met a guy that you were interested in, would you make the first move and ask him out, or would you wait for him to do it?

I keep it fun and ask them to run around with me, or ask for their number. There is nothing scary about wanting to get to know someone and asking [them] to hang out, even if the outcome is just a friendship.

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