Pick Up Tips From… The Sorority Bee

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Queen bees know it all: how to dress to impress, how to get good grades, and how to win over all the guys. Megan Foley, a sophomore at Duquesne University and a sister of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, is definitely a queen bee. Foley shares her turn ons, turnoffs, and how she lives her queen-bee life.

CM: What's the first thing you notice about a guy?

The first things I notice about a guy are his teeth and fingernails; they have to be clean! When a guy is respectful and can look straight into my eyes and hold a conversation, it really grabs my attention, too.

CM: Do you only date people in Greek life, or will you date a GDI? ("God-damn independent")?

I would date either; it doesn’t matter to me, as long as they respect me and are fun to hangout with. It does not matter if a guy is involved in Greek life; it just matters if his personality fits mine.

CM: If you see a cute guy you like, what do you do to catch his eye?

I attempt to give them "the look,” or I play with my hair. If that doesn’t work, I’ll attempt to start up the conversation.

CM: Would you say being in a sorority is good or bad for your love life?

I think being in a sorority has helped improve my love life. You get to meet tons of new people you otherwise would never know. But Greek life also limits who you interact with, since you spend almost all your time with people in Greek life.

CM: Do you have a signature go-to move or attention-grabbing outfit you use to catch a guy's eye?

I do! It’s a sheer black shirt with an open back. All my sisters borrow it, so I think it’s their go-to shirt as well!

CM: What is your deal breaker or turn-off in a guy?

Clinginess. That’s bad. And bad teeth.

CM: What are some things that turn you on?

I love when a guy whispers in my ear. I also love back and foot massages.

CM: Do you think it’s unlady-like for girls to have casual hook-up sex or sex on a first date?

Yes, I think it’s disrespectful to you as a women. If you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect others to do so?

CM: Do you think it’s better for women to be upfront about their feelings or motives or more mysterious?

Mysterious. Definitely mysterious.

CM: When first meeting a guy, is it better to tease him and leave him wanting more, or to be straight-forward?

Be a tease….

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