Pick-Up Tips From… The Graduating Senior

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21-year-old Sarah McLelland, who just walked across the stage at Slippery Rock University, has traveled to Germany, studied abroad in Ireland and now is off to Aalborg University in Denmark for graduate school. This girl has been around the world and she says that what she will miss about college is “the general lingering lack of commitment.” I mean really, who isn’t going to miss that! 

After four years, Sarah’s been through the ups and downs of college dating. Here’s what she had to say on how to pick-up this graduating senior:
CM: How do you think dating in college and dating and the real world will differ?
S: It's probably easier to meet people that are your style in college because you’re surrounded by people who opted to study the same thing and have a complete disregard for age-appropriate milestones.
CM: What is the main thing you look for in a potential partner?
S: An ability to hold both meaningful and meaningless conversation.
CM: What is your number one turn off conversation topic?
S: When guys talk about hooking up, all straightforward, with no games or gimmicks.
CM: What is your favorite pick-up line?
S: One that ends in buying me a drink.
CM: What is your weirdest turn-on?
S: Someone with an inability to conform to mainstream society.
CM: What is the strangest thing anyone has ever done or said when trying to pick you up?
S: "Does this napkin smell like chloroform? Just kidding, let me buy you a drink."
CM: Is it better for them to be bold or mysterious when trying to pick you up?
S: Marginally mysterious, and not very serious.
CM: How do you let down someone you’re uninterested in?
S: I tell them I have to go to the bathroom, and then duck out of the scene.
CM: What tells more about a person’s sexuality how they dance, dress or kiss?
S: Symptoms may vary from one case to another.
CM: What is the thing you'll miss the least?
S: Frat boys. Is that rude? I don’t mean it to be.
CM: All right, last question, what advice would you give to someone who wants to pick you up? 
S: Nonsense intrigues me, but sleeping with you doesn’t.

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