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You may remember Lauren Katz, now a rising senior at George Washington University, from her former CM nightlife posts. Now, months later, this avid cooker, independent food blogger, and summer intern at Everyday with Rachael Ray, is back to offer some insight on food and relationships.

CM: What about cooking food excites you?

It’s a relief of stress. I love being creative, I love being able to use fresh ingredients, particularly those in season, and I like knowing exactly what I’m putting in my body. And I love ethnic flavors.

CM: How does your outlook on food relate to your outlook on relationships?

In both senses, I believe that health is the most important: healthy food, healthy lifestyle, and healthy relationships. Also, I believe it’s important to try new things and let your guard down.

CM: How important is food in your relationships?

First of all, if a guy doesn’t ask me out to eat… game over. Second of all, it’s a lot easier when we have a love of food in common to talk about and go to different restaurants and try new things. I could never date a picky eater.

CM: Describe your perfect date.

It would start with drinks at a swanky bar, and then we would either go somewhere ethnic for dinner. Or, we’d have wine and cheese and appetizers outside.

CM: What are your dating pet peeves?

Gross chewing! And I hate when people use condiments before trying their food because it’s offensive to the chef, and I would take it personally if he did it to my food.

CM: What are your thoughts on food in bed?

I’m a firm believer in the aphrodisiac, but I don’t want f***ing whipped cream all over my sheets!

Katz’s blog can be found at 10stickyfingers.wordpress.com.

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