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Whenever you go out, there’s always that one guy who instantly catches your eye. He looks straight out of the pages of a magazine: perfect hair, a winning smile, and threads right off the runway. Want to know how to pick him up? I met up with GQ editorial intern Justin Whaley, a magazine journalist and Italian double major at the University of Missouri, to talk sex and style.

CM: How do you find dates?

The latest guy, I met through a mutual friend. Or it’s the usual: meet guys at bars and exchange numbers.

CM: Favorite club or bar?

Metropolitan in Brooklyn is really fun. It’s super hot in there, so wear shorts!

CM: What’s the oddest pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

I was at a bar and a guy asked me, “Why is your shirt buttoned up so high?” Um, because I like it like that?

CM: Do you only date people who are as stylish as you? Why or why not?

I think style is subjective. It’s really all about fit; if you’re too baggy or too tight, it’s a no.

CM: How do you dress for a date?

I always keep it casual, never too outlandish. When models come in for go-sees, the best thing to wear is a simple white v-neck shirt. It’s a good rule for modeling and dating; that way you can show off your best features!

CM: How do you express sexuality in your personal style?

I love my velvet blazer and my velvet pants. Wearing lush fabrics invites dates to touch.

CM: What are your getting-ready-for-a-date tips?

Yes, you never want to have too much cologne! Don’t spray it on your clothes. Instead, one spray on each shoulder, then spray on the folds of your arms, dab with your wrists and apply that behind your ear. That way, when you create friction, you’re releasing the fragrance.

CM: What makes a guy dateable?

If he makes really awkward jokes, isn’t nervous about it, and understands that it’ll make me laugh, I think that’s great. I like the conversation to be super-witty and snarky.

CM: What’s a deal breaker for you?

If he’s too picky or not spontaneous. I’m a planner when it comes to professional projects and trips, but I enjoy spur of the moment, too!

CM: What item of clothing turns you on the most?

When a guy wears his button-front shirt completely open and he’s in his underwear. It’s so Tom Cruise in Risky Business. I hasten to add that I am not attracted to Tom Cruise, though!

CM: What’s the most outrageous/sexy thing you’ve worn to bed with a guy?

Nothing. I sleep naked!

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