Pick-Up Tips From… The Athlete

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Lindsey Ahmed, a first year psychology student at University of California, has been to the soccer playing field and back — but what about the cautious terrain of dating? She claims that her date does not have to be the team all-star and actually prefers her man to have brains over body. The sexiest thing she feels about college? The boys have finally turned into men.

What is the best thing about being a female athlete and dating?
The best thing about being an athlete and dating is that you get to meet a lot of people with common interest easily.

What unique attributes do you look for in a potential partner?
Someone fun and easy to get along with!

What is the best way a guy can ask a girl out on a date?

Just ask her in person, not over a text

What is your ideal date scenario? Would you want cheesy or classy?

My ideal date scenario is just something fun, like dinner and going to an arcade or bowling.

Does your ideal date have to be athletic?
No, not at all.

Have you had any circumstance where a guy was trying too hard? What advice do you give?

Yes! I would just say be yourself and if you have to try that hard she probably isn't the girl for you.

What is the sexiest thing about college guys?

They're men now!

What would you prefer: a guy with a good body or extremely smart?
I would prefer the brains.

What is on your absolute ‘no’ list for dating?
Rude and judgmental people are on my 'no' list.

How do you think females can elude confidence when dating?
I think when you feel like yourself is when you're most confident.

What is the best way for a girl to show her feelings for a guy? And vice versa?
The best way for people to show their feelings to one another is first telling the other person, and second by actually showing it. Actions speak louder than words!

And, save the best for last, what is your favorite pick-up line?
Are those astronaut pants? Because your butt is out of this world!

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