Pick-Up Tips from… the Fraternity Brother

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By Nicole Martin > Sophomore > Journalism & Sociology > Pennsylvania State University; Photo courtesy of Doug Upton

Ever wondered how to strike a conversation with that cutie in class or at a party? College Magazine has got you covered. We’ll ask in-depth dating questions to various college personalities for insight on the ins and outs of relationship-building. So when you finally get the chance to talk to your crush, you’ll know exactly what to say.
Have your eye on a hottie from Greek Row? In honor of spring recruitment, College Magazine sought the pick-up advice of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters.

The Fraternity Brother
Doug Upton, Sophomore, University of Pittsburgh
Sigma Phi Epsilon               
CM: What is the main thing you look for in a potential partner?
DU: A sense of humor, good looks, and the ability to have great conversation. It’s all about the initial chemistry.
CM: What is your number one turn-on when it comes to looks and/or hygiene?
DU: When it comes to looks, if a girl is fit and in shape she’s going to catch my eye from the start. Next it would have be the eyes; I’m a sucker for pretty eyes.
CM: What is your number one turn-off conversation topic?
DU: Anything to do with ex-boyfriends. That’s the worst thing a girl can bring up.
CM: What is your favorite pick-up line?
DU: What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
CM: What is your weirdest turn-on?
DU: When a girl pushes me back against the chair, couch, or bed we’re sitting on. I like it when a girl gets a little playfully rough.
CM: Do you prefer to date in or outside Greek life, and why?
DU: I prefer to date girls that are outgoing, love to have fun, easy to talk to, and that can get a little wild at times. A girl doesn’t have to be in sorority to possess those traits, though I have met a few sorority girls that didn’t like to let loose and have fun. But most aren’t like that, so I’d have to say Greek girls are where it’s at.

CM: Why do frat boys make better boyfriends or lovers?
DU: I would have to say that frat guys, at least in my case, know how to be gentlemen as well as know how to kill the lights and lock the door to give a girl what she wants when she is looking for a good time.
CM: Is it better for them to be bold or mysterious when trying to pick you up?
DU: I like it when a girl is bold and kicks things off, but a little mystery can go a long way. If you have me interested don’t reveal too much, getting to know you is half the fun.
CM: How do you let down someone you’re uninterested in?
DU: If I’m not interested in a girl I do my best not to lead them on. I try to be up front and let them know how I feel. I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m more into a girl than she is into me, so I try to extend the courtesy.
CM: If you hook up after a first date or after a party, do you lose respect for the person or still consider them a potential interest?
DU: If the hook up was preceded by intimate conversation and there was a connection, I’d definitely consider them a potential interest. If it was just an after party hook up, I’d have to think twice about whether I was really interested in the girl.
CM: What tells more about a person’s sexuality: how they dance, dress, or kiss?
DU: How they kiss. You can tell a lot from things about a person by the way the kiss.
CM: What movie is your Greek life experience most like: The Hangover, Step Brothers, or Old School?
DU: I would have to say it most closely resembles Old School with a few "The Hangover weekends" thrown in.
CM: All right, last question: How can someone pick you up?
DU: If a cute girl comes up to me and we can talk without any awkward moments and she has a sense of humor I’m intrigued. If she is able to show me a deeper side with a hint of sexy on the surface, I’m sold. 
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