Perk Up Your Pregame

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Pregame: (v) To drink. Derived originally from tailgating before a sporting event such as a football game, it later became known as drinking before any gathering. It now refers simply to drinking, because any activity afterward is acceptable to drink for.

Though I’m sure you are very well versed on the subject of pregaming, have you ever thought of giving the event a more exciting and worthy purpose? Why bother leaving the pregame if it’s going to be even more kick-ass than the actual party? Instead of getting ready for the party, just transition your pregame into a party using these unique guidelines:

Start with the Playlist

College kids definitely need the right music to get pumped up for an awesome night. But don’t think you’re going to have to spend hundreds of dollars on iTunes to do it- you can stream pregame playlists from YouTube, Pandora Radio, or music sharing blogs such as The Kollection.

Bring Something New to the Drinking Table

Who needs flip cup and beer pong when you can play authentic and exciting gamesfrom Russia or Mexico? Drinking games are a great way to get to know other players and create some healthy competition. Installing a winners’ reward in liquid form is always a great motivation and mood booster.

Finally, Keep the Booze Flowing.

There is no bigger damper than running out of alcohol. Your friends aren’t looking for five star quality liquor- they’re just looking to get drunk. Use pointers from sites like Get Drunk Not Broketo get the most bang for your buck.

And there you have it- music, ambiance and liquid sustenance- that’s all you need to have a pregame that has the entertainment same status as the party. Don’t waste your time transporting the party when you can stay right where you are.

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