Perils of Being Petite

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Do you often find yourself on your tiptoes? Are the top cabinets in your apartment empty? Is your strategy for buying heels: the taller the better? Guys, is the first thing you look for in a girl is how tall she is? Do you have chronic neck problems from having to look up at people all day?
The rest of the world doesn’t understand the daily struggles that come from never getting that growth spurt in high school. Here’s why the pains of the vertically challenged are worse than growing pains.

All Pants Must be Hemmed
Sure, stores have petite sections, but designers often incorrectly assume that your waistline is as tiny as you are. Clearly, our bodies disagree. This means most pants come with 4 inches of extra fabric, and learning to sew is a necessity.
Concerts are a nightmare
Thinking about going to Bonnaroo this summer? Might as well save yourself from the sunburn and terrible hygiene because all you will get to see is the backs of people’s heads. There’s nothing worse than paying lots of money to go to a concert but seeing your sweaty friends’ posterior for hours on end. Venues should really consider making platforms with signs that say “you can only be THIS tall to enter.”

Everyone Pushes You Around
Whether you’re at a bar, a parade or Black Friday, the rest of the world sees you as an obstacle below their field of vision that they need to push out of their way. The worst part is, if you push back, they don’t even feel it!
Heels are a necessity
Guys, there’s probably a part of you that wishes man-heels were a thing. For the ladies, three-inch pumps are often a must — if you don’t want people to think you’re still in high school. Despite the incessant pain and likelihood of falling, those extra inches are worth it.

Must always have a foldable step stool
In a short person home, every room must have a step stool, or at least a chair to reach high shelves. It seems the world's architects design houses that are not small person friendly. Unfortunately, that top cabinet space is the only space available. When you’re petite, putting away dishes becomes a full body exercise.

See? It’s a tough life if you’re short. The only consolation is, anytime there’s a group photo you get to be front and center. Have fun getting your heads cut off!


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