Perfect Proportions

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When I think of the 90’s, the first thing I visualize is a young and “innocent” Britney Spears. Let me paint you a picture: She’s sporting a disastrous pink crop top that exposes her belly-button and ill-fitting, light-wash denim shorts. With the waistband rolled down.  And did I mention the crop top was a long-sleeved “henley”?

crop top

Who ever thought that was a good look?  Even as a middle-school student in an itchy plaid skirt, I knew there was something terribly wrong with that wacky outfit.  And thankfully, those midriff-glorifying days are over – along with the worst of the 90s fads – but playing with proportions is an age-old idea that’s here to stay!

I’ve always been one for oversize tops with skinny jeans and leggings in the winter; it’s the perfect way to be stylish and comfy when you’re studying at the library!  But in quite the opposite manner, spring and summer are presenting some interesting combinations as well…  and don’t say I didn’t warn you.  They’re totally addicting (and flattering).

I just bad-mouthed the crop tops of the 90s, but let’s be honest – we all know they’re back and better than ever.  The new generation of the “crop top” is loose and boxy, sometimes printed or patterned, and hits well below your belly button.  Similarly, these tops aren’t meant to be worn with low-rise cheerleader shorts that expose inches of bare skin; instead, the shorter length of the shirt calls for another unexpected fashion do: the high-waisted skinny jean.

high-waist skinnies

And no, I don’t mean mom jeans! The new, retro version of the classic skinny jean we all know and love is the perfect counter to flimsy crop tops.  The jeans’ higher rise helps keep the bare-midriff dilemma at bay, and by drawing the attention in to your small waist (as opposed to your wider hips) the look is surprisingly slimming! You can get the same effect by simply tucking in a regular shirt into high-waist skinnies, or wearing a tiny corset with a full, high-waisted skirt (see below).  Add a skinny belt  for more definition, or throw on some heels to make your legs look miles long!  Whatever your preference, there’s no going wrong with these proportional basics, which will keep you going through next fall!



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