Video: How Penn State Students are Coping

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When I first heard the news about the accusations against Penn State's top officials, I was sick to my stomach. I didn’t want to believe it was true. Penn State has always been an institution of high ordeals that lead by example, always being “For the Glory” and “For the Kids.” I think I speak for a majority of students on campus when I say, no one was prepared for such a whirlwind of emotions and the subsequent events that followed the initial reports. In a few short days we lost our President, our beloved football coach and a lot of our pride and dignity in the leaders of our school.

With the start of a new week, we are attempting to move forward. We are remembering the victims and reminding ourselves of the values of our university. As students, we will never forget that our university was founded on high ordeals and we will not stop until we restore the honor back to our “Dear Old State.”
Although the media has portrayed mixed messages about us students here, we are still committed to showing the world that we are more than this scandal. We are going to right this situation for the victims, because we care. Together, WE STILL ARE…PENN STATE.
This is my video of photos and videos I took over this past week along with interviews from students who have chosen to remain anonymous. Background music “Imagine” sung by acapella group NOTA at the Candle Light Vigil last Friday night.

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