Partying On Single Awareness Day

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This time last year, Kelly Price, 19, was pumped about celebrating Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend.

In order to avoid packed restaurants, and because of their college budget, the couple decided to plan a romantic night in. Price left the cooking to her boyfriend and chose to make brownies for dessert.

Once dinner was over, they exchanged presents and watched How I Met Your Mother reruns.

The University of Chicago sophomore said even though it was a simple night, V-day 2011 is still one of her favorite college memories.

“The food turned out awful and we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary,” she said. “But it was our way of celebrating and that was good enough.”

Even though Price is now single she still plans on celebrating Tuesday night. Instead of spending a cozy time at home she will be hitting the town in celebration of Single Awareness Day. 

“I’m trading brownies for Jell-O shots and rerun night for The Cove,” she said.

Single Awareness Day is a holiday that counteracts Valentine’s Day. It’s the best time to party because the streets are full of single people who want to drink and celebrate their independence.

Bar owners and nightlife promoters know it’s a good night for business. That’s why they create events specifically tailored for the holiday.

The Hooters at Santa Monica, near the University of California Los Angeles, will be hosting a “Shred Your Ex” special. Any costumer who brings in a picture of his or her ex, and is willing to tear it up, will receive a $1 drink.  

“You’d be surprised how many people take advantage of this deal,” Hooters girl Wendy Ramos said. “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would participate.”

Other places are targeted to a less bitter crowd. Grog Bar and Grill, for example, will be home to one of University of Florida’s rowdiest parties. Jägertines Day welcomes all singles to enjoy, quite fittingly, a night of Jägermeister specials.

Ariel Palitz, the owner of Sutra Lounge in New York City, said she’s expecting a lot of singles to come to the pub’s Valentine’s Day event.

“It’s a great alternative to staying at home thinking about your ex,” she said. “You never know, you might meet someone new.”  

Chris Hernandez, a senior at Texas A&M University, said he wants to party hop and have some single fun.

“Most [of the] boring girls will be at home,” the 22-year-old said. “The ones at Northgate will be down to drink and dance.”

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