Partying In A Winter Wonderland

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Sadly, the days of blow-up pools, porch swings, and football Saturdays are coming to a close.  These past three months of college (thank you, global warming) have catered to our youthful desires, allowing the remnants of summer to live on a bit longer. Yes, the leaves may finally be browning and crumbling into piles on your front lawn. And yes, the dark clouds rolling in might be hindering your ability to get that healthy glow and a dose of vitamin D. But I can’t think of a single way the approaching season’s ice and snow can put a damper on our party spirit.

Let’s start with clothes. For the girls, the staple for a night out during those warm first few weeks of school was probably something along the lines of the following: a pleasure-doing-business banded skirt, a tucked-in or flowy shirt, and black pumps. Once winter creeps its way in, does the style change? Of course not. Do we pull on a pair of tights to protect our bare legs from the wind? Yeah, right. Our vodka blankets will provide more than enough of a dulling effect without the need for that pesky extra article of clothing. 

In terms of waiting in line at the bars, no amount of rain or snow seems to stop the hoards of college students from walking, cabbing, or driving (soberly, of course) to the bar. Do we bring our winter coats to stay warm during that ridiculous 20-minute wait to get inside? Unnecessary.  The borderline moshpit of a line allows us to make good use of the body heat belonging to the strangers in front of us, behind us, and on either side. Besides, who wants to waste two dollars on coat check when the much more practical way to spend your money is on Long Island iced tea pitchers and shots of tequila?

Although I haven’t been to a fraternity party in quite some time since it’s socially unacceptable for seniors to make an appearance (although I will admit it is on my senior year bucket list), I don’t recall there being any differences in the party hype based on weather. 

“Nothing about fraternity parties changes when it’s cold out. Everyone still has fun seeing each other after having class and lots of work all week!” said University of Michigan freshman Maddie Chaness.

In all, the advent of winter brings nothing more than a few extra goosebumps, some sniffling noses, and maybe even a little drunken whining. But in the spirit of the collegiate lifestyle, I think it’s safe to say that whether it be rain or shine (or hail, as we’ve had in the past), we students plan on living up every moment of our university years!

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