Party Without Ruining Your Body

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For the past few days, campus gyms have experienced an influx of traffic by hopeful spring-breakers. Those who normally workout are doubling up routines and newbies are learning to use the elliptical machines.
Whether heading to Cabo, Las Vegas or the Bahamas, students are hoping to shed pounds before the break. Working out and eating healthy are two ways to prepare those bikini bodies. Here are a few tips on how to party before break without doing too much damage:
When at the grocery store
Buying your own alcohol is the easiest way to control calorie intake. Next time you’re at the grocery store dodge the beer aisle like you would a grenade. I know it’s tempting to get that six-pack but beer is your body’s worst enemy. If you find yourself compelled to get it, opt for light beer: it’s the lesser of two evils.
If you’re more of a wine person, keep in mind that red wine is higher in calories than white or rose wine. It might be inferior in taste, but a lighter color will mean less calories. If all else fails imagine your fat-free bod lying out at the Hamptons. Once vacation is over feel free to go back to the more posh red.
When at a party
You need to be prepared for smart drinking at house parties. Chances are the host bought a keg and a few bottles of cheap alcohol. Make sure you stay away from the keg, as you’ll be tempted to refill your cup.
Mixes like orange juice, soda and energy drinks are filled with empty calories. Avoid these and anything with too much sugar. Some people use Crystal Light packets or water to mix with inexpensive vodka. It makes a shot easier to take, but doesn’t carry too many calories.
While you are known for killer throws during beer pong, try to stay away from drinking games until after the break. People tend to drink more when they are playing because they see it as a group activity. Flip-Cup, Never Have I Ever and Revolver could prevent you from landing that hot guy on the cruise. 
When you have the drunk munchies
You made it past the pregame and the club, and now your designated driver is taking you home. All of a sudden, you see the bright purple and pink lights of Taco Bell. The thought of a chicken quesadilla makes your mouth water. Well snap out of it, fatty! Those 530 calories are not going to feel so fabulous in the morning.
This is why prior to getting tipsy you should always make your friends promise they won’t let you pig out. If they are worse about late night eating than you are, your best bet is leaving your debit card at home. It’s a bit drastic but your beach body will thank you eventually.
If drunk munching is still on your mind once you get home, have a healthy snack and go to bed. The best alternatives are baked potato chips, a slice of cheese or an apple. It’ll put something in your stomach and help trick your brain.
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