Over Packing? No Such Thing

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I’ll be upfront: I am the queen of over packing. A weekend away may require a backpack for some, but I need at least a duffle bag and a purse the size of a small child. Packing for college is no exception. When the time comes for me to cram my things into boxes and head back to school, I subscribe to the “no man left behind” method. In all seriousness, there is something to be said for a well-stocked room. Here’s a must-have list for my fellow neurotic packers:


1. Band-Aids for accident-prone friends


Hey, things happen (lab accidents, drunken shenanigans, intramural Frisbee battle wounds), and when they do I want to be prepared. Bumps, bruises and scratches deserve not only a Band-Aid, but the victim’s choice of Band-Aid. I try to keep some standard fabric bandages of all different sizes for more serious predicaments, as well as some fun options. What college student doesn’t love a Disney princess Band-Aid?


2. Favorite books for rainy Sundays


College is stressful, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to score a day off. Do I want to risk this precious time on a book I may not like? Of course not. Out comes my copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the rest of my rainy day is happily spent at Hogwarts for the 400th time.


3. Plenty of tea for stressful times


I’m not talking about that leftover box of Lipton that has been sitting in the pantry of my house since I was in second grade. I need options. After a long day I like chamomile, but when I want a refreshing drink to study with, I go with cranberry-apple herbal. Or what if I want to offer a guest a sophisticated drink? I always keep my tea supply stocked in case a tea connoisseur happens to drop by for an afternoon chat.


4. Formal attire for surprise soirees


You never know when a formal occasion will come up, and sometimes my “it’s Friday night and I feel good” dress doesn’t do the trick. My prom days are behind me, but formals and galas require an equally fancy getup. I’d hate to turn down an invite because I left my floor-length dresses at home.


5. Office supplies for fashionable assignments


Why rely on the bookstore’s high prices and poor quality when you can bring your own supplies? Plain notebook paper and clear Scotch tape are much too simple for me anyway. Zebra-print binder clips, ladybug pushpins and a rainbow stapler are all available at your local office supply vendor and turn dreadful assignments into happy occasions.


6. My DVD collection for when the Internet just isn’t enough


So I may have a Netflix account, a Hulu Plus account and an HBO Go account. What’s your point? Sometimes nothing beats settling in for the evening with my copy of Pirates of the Caribbean. Plus, my extensive collection makes me the go-to girl for movie night with roomies.


7. The entire contents of my kitchen for home-cooked cravings


Given, I probably cook once a semester. But when I do, I know that I can make anything my culinary-mastermind-self desires. Pots, pans, utensils and cookie sheets are must-haves. Oh, and don’t forget the whisk for making the perfect quiche.


8. My sock collection for when boring feet are unacceptable


An extensive shoe collection needs socks to match. Some boring whites and blacks for everyday use are necessary, but socks with pigs and music notes are key to having happy feet.


9. Enough knick-knacks for an HGTV-worthy dorm


These knick-knacks include, but are not limited to, bulletin boards, Christmas lights, photos from my awkward stage strung up with hand-decorated clothespins, posters of all of the places I’d like to go and inspirational quotes featuring plenty of glitter. Don’t let the stark white dorm walls get you down, and when in doubt, turn to Pinterest.

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Melanie Rainone

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