Outside the College Bubble: October 28, 2015

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Get a clue next time your parents talk about something not featured in your college paper.

Facebook’s “Trending” Feed Is More Personalized Than Objective: A recent Slate article says that Facebook’s “Trending” feed says more about you than it does the zeitgeist. It pulls the subject matter from page likes and article clicks, which means the presence of Channing Tatum’s Winnie The Pooh costume is tailored to your interests and not necessarily reflective of global concerns.

Ukranian Artist Turns Statue of Lenin into Darth VaderIn an attempt to prove that the Star Wars fan base is more durable than the Soviet Union’s – when the latter doesn’t even have light sabers – Ukrainian artist refurbished a statue of Lenin to look like Darth Vader. Rumor has it Darth Vader’s helmet doubles as a WiFi hotspot.

Millennial Dies in Cryotherapy Tank, Raising Safety Concerns: A 24 year-old woman died last week after accidentally spending the night in a cryotherapy tank, a deep-freeze therapy capsule that can reach temperatures as low as 240 degrees below zero. Popular in LA, doctors don’t universally agree on the benefits of this super-chilled therapy.

Senior at Boston College studying computer science and English. Currently unemployed, he frequents bars after 5 p.m. to vicariously complain about others' workdays.

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