Outside the College Bubble: November 11, 2015

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Get a clue next time your parents talk about something not featured in your college paper.

To Deport or Not to Deport: The Fourth GOP Debate: Bereft of personal attacks, the debate illustrated a rift between the purely conservative and the more moderate: will Republicans transition the United States’ 11 million illegal immigrants into citizenship, or will we have to dust off our hammers for the Great Wall of Trump?

Ben Carson’s Radio Rap Proves He Has Nothing to Offer Black Voters: Republican Ben Carson recently put out a rap ad explicitly designed to target black voters, which is condescending at best and racist at worst. The rap – “Freedom”– is filled with pretty words, inspirational rhetoric and no mention of his policy, which is probably because his actual platform would repel any would-be black voters.

The Starbucks Cup Controversy: Starbucks’ red holiday cups stirred up controversy among Christians for “whitewashing” Christmas. These Yuletide crusaders are the very same who campaign against the term “holiday lights” when we all know they’re really Christmas lights. Ah, just one more thing to stress about in the month of November.

Senior at Boston College studying computer science and English. Currently unemployed, he frequents bars after 5 p.m. to vicariously complain about others' workdays.

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