Obscure Holidays: February Edition

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Everybody knows about Groundhog’s Day, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day, but in case you’re bored of the usual holidays (and maybe a little bit relieved that Valentine’s Day is over), check out CM’s list of some very obscure holidays that also occur in February.

February 5th – World Nutella Day

It’s real! Why is this not more widely celebrated??

February 7th – Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

Wait, so not just eight or nine of my fingers? I should wave all of them? Seems pretty extreme…

February 9th – National Toothache Day

If this is a holiday, shouldn’t there also be a day dedicated to celebrating that special moment when you’re trapped alone in a public bathroom and there’s no more toilet paper?

February 14th – National Ferris Wheel Day

I personally love Valentine’s Day, but in case you’re not a huge fan you can always spend the 14th celebrating Ferris Wheels…

February 15th – National Gumdrop Day

I think the last time I actually saw a legitimate gumdrop in person was never.

February 18th – National Battery Day

I’m guessing the Duracell marketing department dreamed this one up. Get charged up about national battery day!

February 22nd – International World Thinking Day

Thinking has apparently become so difficult that we need to designate a special day just to get it all done.

February 23rd – International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

I bet dogs would love this day…if they had the mental capacity to understand what a holiday is.

February 27th – No Brainer Day

International World Thinking Day was just exhausting. We all deserve a day off.

February 28th – Public Sleeping Day

This is great news for me, and all other sleep deprived college students. 


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