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So you’re stuck visiting your grandparents Mickey and Minnie in Disney World for the holidays and traffic is too congested for you to make it back home for a Narnia-esque Christmas? Sounds miserable.

Lucky for you, you’re not alone – millions upon millions of people around the world must find snowless ways to celebrate the holidays every year. That means there’s still a plethora of ways you could enjoy the holidays without the snow or cold. And, for those of you who must endure the blistering cold without the reward of frozen, condensed precipitation (not hail, but if that floats your boat then you could always go celebrate the holidays in the middle of a golf course), these tips apply to you too:

1.) There’s a reason holiday movies exist…

…to get you excited for the season! So throw Elf into the DVD player, listen to some Dean Martin — not necessarily at the same time — and put yourself in a festive mood.

2.) Instead of tossing snowballs at each other, toss a baseball or football

Although, preferably ‘to’ each other and not ‘at’ each other. And if you do happen to select that method of celebration, don’t tell your mother you got the idea from here. Say you’ve watched Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story one too many times.

3.) Can’t find a snowy hill to sled down?

Well, if the weather is right for it and you’re near a body of water, how about trying your hand (as well as the rest of your body) at surfing or wakeboarding? And if you’re not great at it, beach sports like volleyball are always fun.

4.) Find a nearby ice cream parlor and enjoy a scoop or twenty

While it’s nowhere near as refreshing as walking out of the house on a crisp, winter morning, brain-freeze can be quite an experience in its own way. And don’t forget to drown that ice cream in sprinkles!

5.) Act

You see it all the time in movies: people who aren’t actually in snowy climates still manage to deck the house with balls of snow. So grab some Christmas lights, a tree and a can of fake snow to frost the windows. Whip up a batch of hot chocolate, lower the thermostat until you can see your breath inside the house and, if you’re a family of real badasses, hire a crew to cover the entirety of your vicinity in fake snow, a la Modern Family’s 2011 Christmas episode.

6.) Speaking of family, isn’t that what really matters?

You hear it in movies and television alike – it doesn’t matter where you are, just who you’re with.  So, like the hypothetical family who are ‘stuck’ in Orlando, enjoy the holiday season with whomever you may be with and remember that there’s always next year for a snowy Christmas.

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