No Need To Freeze On Halloween

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We’ve all done it. Not wanting to sacrifice our fabulous Halloween costume, we bear the chilly fall weather in nothing but a leotard and some cat ears to protect us. Often, the scariest part of spending this holiday on the Midwest or East Coast is not the ghosts, vampires or zombies – it’s the temperature.

However, there is a solution to our weather woes. These students have found ways to be creative while still maintaining their unique Halloween style.

1.) Get nude…tights

“Nude tights are the perfect solution to stay warm without taking away from your Halloween costume,” said Hofstra University junior Jenna Masnyk.

The ultimate costume sometimes calls for a little leg, so these tights can be found at your local pharmacy for about $3 and are practically invisible if matched with your skin tone.

2.) Guys have to keep warm too!

“I always dress as an athlete so that the warm factor is already incorporated in the costumes. Just layer on a hockey jersey and you’re good to go,” said University of Notre Dame junior Cameron Dow. “Also, a good pair of sneakers is key. No matter the costume, you shouldn’t be walking around in sandals.”

3.) Warm up under it all!

Instead of wearing a heavy coat that could cover up your outfit, one student suggests warming up underneath.

“I always wear heated under armour. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can be completely covered or show some skin,” said State University of New York Brockport senior Chip Murphy. “You could also have a costume that covers your hands or buy a couple of HeatMax hand warmers.”

If you still don’t want to cover up at all, consider layering the clothes you do plan on wearing out. For example, if you’re sporting a neon tank top, rock two!

So this Halloween, put on your mask, grab some candy and remember – stay warm!

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