NFL Week Nine Preview

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Sorry for the few-week hiatus everybody. A little thing called midterms got in the way of what should be important, the NFL. After being away for a couple of weeks, I better get all of these right.           

Jets – Bills (Sunday at 1:00)

The surprise Bills host the automatic Super Bowl-winning Jets in the week’s first “big one.” I truly believe that the Jets are the better squad here, but I’ve bet against the Bills to many times, so I’ll change it up and take the Bills here.

Prediction: Bills 20, Jets 16

Buccaneers – Saints (Sunday at 1:00)

Let me just say, I don’t get the Saints. I want them to be good even though I’m not necessarily a fan. Yet, they keep playing to the level of their opponents. The Rams? Really? C’mon. They are playing a slightly above average team this week, so I think that they will play as such. That will be good enough to win a divisional game.

Prediction: Saints 35, Bucs 27

Bengals – Titans (Sunday at 4:05)

With all of the talk about the Ravens-Steelers game this Sunday, people seem to forget that the Bengals, with a win, will still be tied atop the AFC North. Andy “The Red Rifle” Dalton would be a surefire rookie of the year candidate if it weren’t for Cam Newton. I still think that the Titans are the better team and I am going to make my boldest statement of the year right not, and I will put it in bold for effect. Chris Johnson will run for 100 yards and a touchdown in this game.

Prediction: Titans 24, Bengals 13

Giants – Patriots (Sunday at 4:15)

In a tough stretch for the Pats, they face a division-leading Giants team with, listen to this, a top five quarterback: Mr. Eli Manning. The Patriots dropped a tough one in Pittsburgh last week, but I have a really hard time betting against Brady. Sorry, Eli. 

Prediction: Patriots 38, Giants 28

Steelers – Ravens (Sunday at 8:20)

The second most talked-about game this week behind LSU-Alabama pits the divisional foes against each other for the second (and maybe final) time this season. The Ravens took the first one in a rout, and I am going to go out on a limb and say this one will not be close once again – in favor of the men of steel. The Ravens’ offense is just struggling too much. How the tide has turned.

Prediction: Steelers 24, Ravens 7

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