NFL Week Four Preview

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Okay, so I got two games wrong. I am still sitting at 3-2 for the week and 12-2 overall. If I was on FOX’s pregame show, I would be sitting pretty as the “Lead Dog,” but I am not patting myself on the back or anything.

Week three was interesting. The Bills proved me (and America) wrong, the Dream Team is 1-2, and Cam got his first W. Let’s see what I think is going to happen in week four:           

Lions – Cowboys(Sunday at 1:00)

The shockingly 3-0 Lions travel to The House that Jerry Built in a game that will be widely watched because FOX refuses to show any other team than the Cowboys. I know the Cowboys are banged up and could not score a touchdown even in a win, but they have momentum, and I think they ride that to a win.

Prediction: Cowboys 23, Lions 17

Titans – Browns(Sunday at 1:00)

This game may not look like much, but two teams that are tied for their division leads face off in an early season battle. As an aside, I am a Titans fan and I’m not afraid to admit it, considering I hold absolutely no bias or anything. With that said, CJ finally breaks 100 and the Titans squeak out a close one.

Prediction: Titans 20, Browns 16

Steelers – Texans(Sunday at 1:00)

Another game between teams tied for their division lead (granted, they are more interesting teams than the ones above) will be interesting because of the differing styles of play. Will the stronghold D of the Steelers or the potent offense of the Texans prevail? Advantage, Andre Johnson.

Prediction: Texans 31, Steelers 24

Patriots – Raiders(Sunday at 4:15)

Darren McFadden (aka Run DMC) ran wild against the Jets last week and the Pats had a huge letdown against a team that many thought they were superior to. Will the positive momentum of the black and silver outweigh the Patriots disappointment? Eh, Tom Brady wouldn’t stand for that. 

Prediction: Patriots 38, Raiders 23

Jets – Ravens(Sunday at 8:20)

Each of these preseason AFC favorites has had one really disappointing loss this year as well as one blowout win (well, I guess the Ravens had two). I think that this game boils down to the leadership on the defense because this game will undoubtedly get chippy. Who makes fewer mistakes? The team that has Ray Lewis.           

Prediction: Ravens 20, Jets 16

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