New Year’s Eve Is Overrated

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The champagne toasts, the midnight kisses, the sparkly dresses, the parties that end at sunrise…is that what comes to mind when you think of that highly anticipated night known as New Year’s Eve? Unfortunately for many, the holiday hype often does not live up to the great expectations that the media has taught us to have.  To switch things up a bit, I have a list of some of the most not-so-joyful aspects of December 31’s festivities:

1. The issue of clothing

“As a college student, it’s pretty normal to always dress up to go out at night, but there’s definitely pressure on New Year’s to buy a crazy expensive dress. Every year I find myself spending a fortune, and I end up wearing something that looks pretty much identical to every other girl’s outfit.” – Towson University Senior

“Wearing a pair of really high, uncomfortable shoes seems like a must on NYE, and I always end up hobbling around and searching for the closest chair by the middle of the evening.” – Hofstra University Senior

2. It’s hard to include everyone

“I was always a floater in high school, so I never had one specific group of friends. Now, when I come back home for break and want to go out for New Year’s Eve, all of my friends never end up at the same place because they were in different groups during high school. That makes it really difficult to decide on a place to go, because one way or another, I’m letting some of my friends down.” – University of Michigan Senior

3. It’s a rip-off

“I would say my least favorite thing about New Year’s Eve is the absolutely astronomical prices that clubs think it’s all right to charge guests. Just because people are looking for a place to party doesn’t mean the cost should be $200 to enter. Of course I want to go out, but let’s be serious: I could drink higher shelf alcohol at home for next to no money.” – Westchester University Senior

4. It’s overrated

“New Year’s Eve is supposed to be tons of fun, but I feel like most of the time it’s just 300 people squeezed like sardines into a crowded room, and everyone is sweating on each other.” – Drexel University Senior

“There’s always that expectation of an amazing night, but it never actually turns out as fun as you expect it to… almost always a bit of a disappointment in one way or another.” – University of Michigan Junior

Although I will admit that I may have splurged this year on a new dress and New Year’s Eve party tickets (hey, you’re only 21 once), my suggestion to those scrounging around for last-minute holiday plans is to either host or attend a house party. It will cost you less money to buy your favorite food and alcohol than it will to pay for a pricey club ticket, you’ll be able to wear whatever suits your fancy (that includes sweatpants if you so choose) and you’ll have the opportunity to hang out with all of your high school friends in one place. Whatever you choose, have fun, be careful, and stash those car keys somewhere that won’t be found until morning. Happy New Year’s, everyone!

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