New Facebook: Desperate Plea for Attention

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Facebook is on the verge of becoming the Internet’s version of an insecure girlfriend. It already has you and knows that you’re satisfied with its performance, but it still feels like it needs to change if it wants to keep your attention. There’s also a new girl in school by the name of Google+ who might be catching your eye, making Facebook doubt itself even more.

Lists were a fairly obvious response to Google+ circles. If Facebook had just left it at that, the Internet would not be revolting right now.   Their redesign also included an intrusive news ticker in the site’s top right corner, an annoying increase in the size of pictures on the news feed, and a “subscribe” option (whatever that means).  

I was finally beginning to get over the combination of messages and chat, and Facebook decides to spring this on me? Mark Zuckerberg clearly believes that if it aint broke it needs an upgrade. I’m obviously not the only one upset by the new changes; a poll on Mashable found 73.01 percent of participants hate the new layout.

Admittedly, past examples show that it takes about five minutes for most college students who use Facebook religously to get over their rage after an update. This doesn’t change how dangerously close Facebook is to falling into the same downward spiral that Netflix is currently experiencing. Both companies made questionable decisions that have alienated some formerly loyal clients and refuse to admit their mistakes or rectify the problem.

Facebook, stop acting so desperate. If I didn’t already love you, I wouldn’t be with you. Either start acting like yourself again, or the allure of Google+ might be too much for me. Do you want to be the girl lying on the couch crying uncontrollably and watching Dirty Dancing seven times a day? I didn’t think so.

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