Never Been Kissed

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Everyone remembers his or her first kiss; whether it’s due to the awkwardness or elation it brought, is another story. But what about college students who have yet to kiss anyone, still fanaticizing about their first step into the world of love?

Recently, a few of my friends have been teased for not having had their first kisses yet. The reality is that being a “kiss virgin” in college isn’t as uncommon as many might believe. At least one sixth of my friends hadn’t kissed anyone by the time they first entered college.

There’s a connotation of “weirdness” or “ugliness” that is automatically assumed of everyone who has not had their first kiss by the time they’ve reached college, which is rather inaccurate, in my opinion. I have many friends– female, male and transgendered alike– who are waiting for a first kiss that actually signifies something real. They are attractive, sexy, smart, fun and sociable, but they don’t want to just get their first kiss over with and make out with anyone, half-wasted at a lame frat party (which is how many students experience it); they want fireworks. Is this so wrong?

I think it’s time we shatter the false connotation of awkwardness and unattractiveness leading to inexperience. If you’ve never been kissed, it’s not necessarily because you aren’t attractive or likeable, it’s a choice, and no one should have to feel ashamed or embarrassed to confess it.

So then why is it that some college students, amazing as they are, have yet to find that special someone, and moment, to experience a kiss? That’s precisely the answer; they’re so amazing that they’re waiting to meet their match.


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