National Make Your Own Holiday Day: College Style

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A lot has changed since college peeps were kids. Many of us have jobs, live on our own and take care of our own finances. But through all the years, the lessons and the growing pains, one thing remains the same: most of us still love Christmas.
In a survey of 50 friends, strangers and Twitter followers, about 75 percent of students said it was a holiday favorite. Halloween took second place with nearly 23 percent of the votes. Since National Make Your Own Holiday Day is celebrated every Mar. 26, I set out to see what holiday students would like to have off. Here are three holidays college students would get a kick out of:

Liver Appreciation Day
It was there that night when you took that last to-kill-ya shot. Remember that time your girlfriend dumped you? It was there too. Whether you’ve been drinking since high school or freshman welcome week, you have to admit that your liver is a champ. Even after all those anti-alcohol pep rallies and the biology lecture on Cirrhosis, you still manage to put that little guy through hell. This day would be a token of appreciation and possibly the only break it would have during your four years at school.
Ode to the Walk of Shame
We’ve all been there. It’s as much a part of college life as a public speaking course. Yet for some reason the walk of shame never gets much recognition. I propose a holiday where all walk-of-shamers come together to celebrate one of the unifying aspects of university life. For one day, instead of judging that girl for wearing a frat tank over her maxi dress, you’d give her a high-five. You would reflect on your own walks of shame and raise support for those currently enduring them. Because when all is said and done, it’s up to each and every one of us to stand up for the legendary Walk of Shame.
Imagine being able to walk into physics lab, only to throw your notes into the air and tell your professor off. While we might feel like doing that on a weekly basis, it would be great to have an entire day dedicated to not giving a fudge. It might sound a bit like anarchy, but for 24 hours you would be free to express how little you cared. You could ignore your significant other, flick off your boss and have no long-term consequences. This would relieve pent up energy and could even help the economy. Hey, it’s worth a try.
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