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As you’ve probably come to realize, accessories have moved way beyond handbags, scarves, and belts — so much so, that even your nails can transform an outfit, too.  We saw gothic dark colors like deep purple and charcoal last fall, and ultra-girly shades are all the rage this summer.  From daisy-yellow to tangerine to mint green, the more unexpected the color, the better.

And it’s not only the color you can play with — shimmery finishes add a perfect hint of glamour to your nails! But instead of going with full-on glitter via the 1970s, you can customize your look by only applying glitter to a portion of the nail.

To achieve this look you only need 4 items: your nail color, a clear topcoat, a pot of loose glitter, and a small brush.  For a chic and understated effect, choose a shade of glitter that either matches your polish or is in the same color family — otherwise you might look more like a Bee Gees groupie than the chic trendster you are.

Check out how to get the look (with my favorite color combination) below:







Start by applying 2 coats of Rimmel London’s Lyra Pro Nail Lacquer in Peppermint (available at drug stores).  Follow with a coat of Butter London Hardwear Quick Dry Top Coat, and immediately coat your tiny brush with glitter.  Lightly tap the glitter onto the top left or right quarter of your nail then blow gently to get rid of the excess.  (It’s better to tap on too much glitter and then just blow it off. This avoids having the brush actually touch your polish and ruin the smooth finish.)

Repeat on as many nails as necessary — I like to do a tiny bit of glitter on every nail — and let dry completely.  Follow with another layer of topcoat to seal the glitter into the polish, and voila! You’ll have glamorous, chic, and totally unique nails that are perfect for summer.


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