My Parents did what in College?!

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Parents are boring, right? They don’t go out and have fun or have lives…all they do is send us money and give us a place to sleep and eat when we come home.

Oh, how wrong we are.

Sometimes we forget that our parents were our age once and were crazy college students. It’s weird to think about, but they probably did some wild things during their university days that we could never imagine…or maybe we can.

Some parents were open to tell us about some of the shenanigans they got into back in the day.

“I donated plasma and used the cash incentive to pay parking tickets.”

– Kathryn Cooper, Marshall University, class of 1996

“I took my college loan checks and used the money to buy a car.”

– Mark Ford, West Virginia State College, class of 1997

I paid a fellow student to change my grade in a military related class because I didn’t want to shave my head, per class requirement. Turns out, the student took my money and I failed the class. I guess that means we shouldn’t pay for our grades…because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

– Gabriel Martin*, University Santa Cruz, class of 1978

“A friend and I took a bus to California for the 1983 US Festival in California. It took three days to get there and three to get back. We didn’t bathe for a week.”

 – Jim Ford, West Virginia State College, class of 1984

My friends and I used drugs while driving to the mall and crossing a bridge. My friends were screaming at me to slow down causing me to slam my foot on the brakes. Turns out, there was a line of traffic behind us because we were going so slow.

– David Smith*, Washington Technical College class of 1985

*Names have been changed


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