My Daily Italian Addiction

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I know that I already mentioned gelato last week; consequently I don’t want to sound redundant. However, in the short time that I have been here in Rome I have found myself hopelessly entranced with the stuff. I promise that I will get to the sights in time. And when I begin to travel around Europe (Florence this weekend!) I can’t wait to talk about it. But for now, I can’t help but share the wonder that is gelato in vivid detail. As for the redundancy, I’m simply going to address it as a further elaboration.

The fact is, I have found the perfect gelateria in dangerously close proximity to my apartment. Close as in I walk three blocks down and I arrive at a little shop, with an amass of Italians fighting to get their gelato. The glass case has flavors from strawberry and banana, to pistachio and almond, to flavors that are too absurdly good to be real (i.e nutella and connoli). And just for good measure, a separate case holds actual cannolis, cakes, pastries (you get the gist). Now for my personal confession: I have been to this gelato place every single day since the first day I went. I make up my lack of sense of direction with my innate ability to navigate anyone to this gelateria from any point in Rome. I have started a love affair that I am at times unabashed to admit to (“I need to get gelato now!”), and that at times is a dirty secret (I’ll go back later in the day with a different group of people and not let them know that it is my second trip). This relationship may be a bit toxic and perhaps slightly unhealthy, but the light creamy texture and sweet sugary flavor lets me know that I’m in this thing for the long haul.
An aside: I haven’t just been walking to and from the gelato shop. I spent Saturday taking in the coliseum and walking through the forum for hours (both are astonishing). I have been out to an authentic Italian club (open way later than the American bars and much louder). I have been learning about Italian urban architecture and Renaissance paintings in my classes. Yet, I would be remiss to mention that my gelato is always on my mind. My philosophy: I am in Rome. Everything here from the buildings to the language is filled with pure pleasure and if I can’t indulge myself here than where can I?  On the plus side, this daily addiction of mine has helped me learn a bit more Italian, for instance I know how to place my order (un cono grande) and has allowed me to interact with locals (the employees there know me well enough that they now give me free tastes and a cookie with my gelato). It will have to end eventually, but for now I’m allowing myself to get swept up in the delight of Rome (and all it has to offer). I promise, 95 more days then I’ll quit cold turkey.
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