Music Festival Paradise: Bonnaroo 2012

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Grab your bandana, Bud Light Lime and Costco-sized bottle of sunscreen while you grill out hot dogs and set up your tent. No this isn’t for spring break right around the corner, but for the most invigorating event of the entire summer: BONNAROO.
To those of you who think I’m just making up words, ‘Roo is an annual music festival that takes place on a giant farm in Manchester, Tenn. during four days in June. Yes, it’s that important to be counting down the days (94) already.
Despite any reservations about camping out in the heat of summer without showering, the music is the one element that makes the trip worth it. With headliners like Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, Bon Iver, Foster the People and Ludacris this year, Bonnaroo strives to cater to all types of avid music lovers from hip-hop rap to dubstep to indie rock to jam bands.
Walking down Shakedown Street to enter Centeroo underneath the giant arch gateway, you enter a world unto its own. There is no other place you can see folk-country duo The Civil Wars from the comfort of your picnic blanket and then hear Skrillex perform hours later while jumping in a giant mosh pit.
You’re young and in college, still a free spirit – why not take the time out of your hectic internship-filled summer to experience every music lover’s paradise?
Whether you’re there to see Childish Gambino or The Beach Boys, everyone bonds over a passion for music, creating a hippie, everyone-loves-each-other environment. Even as you trek back tired, sandy and sweaty to your tent at night, you’re up at 9 a.m. the next morning to do it all over again.

Tickets and the full lineup for Bonnaroo 2012 are available here.

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