Music Blog: Music Notes (July 28 – August 3)

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Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys get married.On the first Wednesday/Thursday of the month, I will present you with at least one music-related news piece for each day of the week before that Wednesday or Thursday. Starting now.



Did that make sense?
WEDNESDAY, JULY 28- M.I.A. sounds off on Lady Gaga, which isn’t really news anymore. She also takes a shot at Oprah Winfrey, which IS news. More details here.
THURSDAY, JULY 29- What do Michael Jackson‘s doctors and Lady Gaga’s "Telephone" have in common? They’re all off the hook! More details here.
FRIDAY, JULY 30- Michael Jackson‘s coming out with a new album in November. Insert obscure Tupac reference here. More details.
SATURDAY, JULY 31- Lady Gaga doesn’t boycott Arizona like everyone else (everyone else being Conor Oberst of "Bright Eyes" fame, Kanye West, and many more artists over at Sound Strike.) Instead, she protests at her show, while still giving her "little monsters" the show they’ve been waiting for. More details here. (Also, hear Bright Eyes’ protest song about SB 1070 after the jump.)
SUNDAY, AUGUST 1- This didn’t actually happen on August 1st, but Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys got married on July 31! Look at some pictures and envy Alicia’s dress here.
MONDAY, AUGUST 2– Everyone decides to go on tour. No, really.
TUESDAY, AUGUST 3Nicki Minaj announces new album name, Lady Gaga pwns VMA Nominations and renames them Video Monster Awards, Wale comes out with a new mixtape.



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