MTV VMA’s 2010

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By Keir Bristol

Even Drake Knew Justin Bieber Would Win This OneI’m not a big fan of award shows, but this year’s MTV Video Music Awards’s were… interesting, to say the least. Here were the highlights, in no particular order:

Apparently this was the first time in a long time that MTV allowed the VMA’s to be hosted by a woman! Too bad the woman was Chelsea Handler and her idea of humor was to make racist remarks about Snoop Dogg and being able to carry in guns because she was white. Check out some of her, uh, "humor," here.

Kanye West, of course, gets bashed again (and again) for his bad behavior at last years VMA’s for interrupting Taylor Swift while she was trying to accept an award. As retaliation, he toasts himself in "Runaway" here, complete with orchestra, ballet dancers, and… autotune? Also, Taylor sings a self-righteous song that some think maybe have been about the incident. I’m not sure I agree, but watch the video here.

Justin Bieber wins the award for Best New Artist, prompting a gif where Drake appears to be saying "I quit," but he’s actually saying, "I knew it." (Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble on that one). Check out Bieb’s performance here.
Nicki Minaj performs with Will.I.Am before the award show starts, and the performance is underwhelming in my opinion; she didn’t choose a song where she could truly display all of that crazy energy she has. Form your own opinion here.
Lady Gaga‘s idea of fashion is already often misunderstood. This time she wears a raw meat dress, much to the disgust of PETA, and some vegans and vegetarians. She explains the statement she made to vegan Ellen Degeneres about the dress here, after which Ellen gives her a kale bikini as an alternative.
Other notable performances include  Eminem and Rihanna’s "Not Afraid/Love The Way You Lie," Usher’s "DJ Got Us Falling In Love/O.M.G." and B.o.B. and Hayley Williams’ "Nothin’ On You/Airplanes/The Only Exception." Check them all out here.




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