Since Mom’s Not Here: CM Knows Best!

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by Anna Marina Karadimas > Senior > Journalism and Studio Art > University of Maryland
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Let’s face it, college is synonymous with making poor life decisions. And the worst part is mom isn’t around to give that much needed (and strangely simple) solution to all your problems. So check out our do-it-yourself fixes for your challenges:

Night of drinking left a little souvenir

Jungle Juice—Let’s break this down into the good, the bad and the ugly. Good: Your one batch of this potent stuff lasted the entire night. Bad: Everyone was sloshed. Ugly: Clumsy drunk friends left red jungle juice stains on your carpet. Mix 1 cup water with 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide and a little soap. Spray the solution directly on the stain and watch as it turns the red stain clear almost immediately.

New apartment smells like smoke

You may be cursed with the after effects of a previous tenant’s smoking habit. After thoroughly cleaning all surfaces, place bowls of white wine vinegar around pungent areas. Vinegar can mask almost any smell from pet odor to rotten garbage. Leave the bowls full overnight, then remove. Febreeze your carpets and use air fresheners to cover remaining smells.

Bugs have taken over your territory

Studying, snacking and naps may rank above cleaning, which is great—until the bugs invade. According to some, ants won’t cross a chalk line. Grab a piece of chalk in your next class and draw the ants some boundaries until you can get bug spray. For fruit flies, fill a shallow dish with vinegar to attract and drown flies.

It looks like you just rolled out of bed

What college kid owns an iron? Make pressing your clothes easier by hanging outfits on the inside of the bathroom door when you hop in the shower—and turn the temperature up! The steam will release those wrinkles from your wardrobe, turning you from sloppy to sleek.

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