Mindy Kaling Addresses the ‘Nerds’ of Harvard Law

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Mindy Kaling, star of our obsession, The Mindy Project, was invited to speak to our nation's greatest pool of potential, or well, as Mindy puts it, “nerds.”

She spends the first three quarters of her speech poking fun and calling out hottie professor, Noah Feldman. She’s not afraid to say things like “a couple of you are probably evil” and touch on the downside of a Harvard Law Degree. At one point she takes us on a hilarious tangent about asparagus and, of course, gives a matter-of-fact shoutout to Elle Woods.

But in all seriousness, Kaling wants these graduates to know their power: “Understand that someday you will have the power to make a difference. Use it well.”


Video at Vulture.com.

Quick recap by student Michelle Deakin at Harvard Law Today: Mindy Kaling, ‘Obsessed with justice’

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