McLovin Links September 23, 2011

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Congratulations to everyone who has survived the first month of the 2011 school year relatively unscathed! Now that we’ve all settled into a comfortable schedule of classes, friends and fun, nothing can stop us from having the perfect year! If only it were that easy; whether it’s a social or an academic issue, there is rarely rest for the weary college student. For anyone with a lingering problem or just looking for some relaxation from the college grind, check out these entertaining and useful links:

1.) USA Today College: A Commuter Student’s Guide to the College Galaxy

Are you having trouble immersing yourself in college life because you still live at home? Check out these helpful tips for getting involved on your campus without having to ever set foot in a dorm.

 2.) College Candy: Sex in the News: A Reaction to a Reaction to “Sluts”

It’s no secret that fraternities have been known to objectify women and said women don’t do much to protest. See for yourself how sexism still runs rampant on college campuses and how some fraternities don’t even bother to hide it.

3.) Talknerdy2me: Homesickness: It Means New Beginnings

Missing the familiarity of home is natural, but calling home four times a day is not the way to deal with homesickness.  Discover how to cut the chord (or at least slacken it) and embrace your new college life.

4.) Small Kitchen College: Dining Hall DIY: Bruschetta

Do you have an apartment with a kitchen and are searching for ways to make your favorite meals? Here’s a recipe for classic bruschetta that’ll make your taste buds believe you’re in Italy.

5.) SplashLIfe: Who Erased My Show? The Dos and Don’ts of DVR Sharing

The DVR may be one of the greatest inventions ever, but it might cause roommate friction if he or she keeps “accidentally” erasing your stored episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Find out how easy it is to establish DVR etiquette so you and your roommate don’t end up fist fighting over a few cancelled/lost recordings.

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