McLovin Links October 7, 2011

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Yom tov to everyone celebrating Yom Kippur today! It’s that one time of year when Jews atone for their sins so they can start the new year with a clean slate. Remember all those times that you were supposed to be productive but decided to roam the Internet instead? Neither does G-d. On that note, whether you celebrate Yom Kippur or not, check out these entertaining and helpful links for the college student looking to make their lives a little bit easier. Since you won’t have to apologize for your procrastination until this time next year, you have nothing to lose:

1.) College Candy: In Defense of Sweatpants

Girls seem to be split down the middle on the issue of sweatpants. Learn why there is nothing wrong with wearing your favorite sweats once in a while.

2.) Small Kitchen College: The Portion Control Dilemma

One of the main reasons the freshman 15 is an unfortunate reality is that new college students might not yet have the self-control to manage their eating habits properly. Here are some easy ways to stay healthy with appropriate food portions.

3.) TalkNerdy2Me: The 5 Bruce Lees to Kicking Butt at College

Film and martial arts legend Bruce Lee divided his life into five categories: physical-LEE, mental-LEE, emotional-LEE, spiritual-LEE, and social-LEE.  Learn how college students can apply these lessons to their everyday lives.

4.) College Info Geek: The Best Headphones for Students: Broke-Ass Edition

For all those music junkies out there looking for headphones, check out this list of quality and (relatively) cheap options. They’re all $50 or less, which is a steal for this awesome array of gear. 

5.) USA Today College: College Students Feel, Reflect on Jobs’ Influence

The death of Steve Jobs is the loss of an icon and innovator who has made the lives of countless college students more manageable because of his products. Check out what other people of our generation think of Jobs’ impact on technology and industry.

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