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Happy Halloween, college ghouls and ghosts! Unwind from the stresses of college life by dressing up like something out of this world, drowning your anxiety in candy, and being shut out of fraternity parties if you’re not showing enough skin or are a man. All of this happens at night though; what are you going to do to kill time before your night of Halloween debauchery begins? Here’s what: check out these entertaining links that might actually come in handy some day:

1.) Small Kitchen College: Best Food-Related Halloween Costumes

Candy and booze aren’t the only ways to incorporate food and beverages into your Halloween experience. Here are some food-inspired Halloween costumes that will leave anyone who sees them hungry…though for what depends on how much of your body the costume actually covers.

2.) TalkNerdy2Me: Top 5 Things to Look for in a Professor

Are you trying to decide what section of a class to take but are concerned about which professor you will get? Learn traits that all good professors should share so you don’t get stuck with one who teaches you next to nothing.

3.) College Info Geek: 21 Ridiculous Ways To Annoy Your Roommate

There is a fine art to driving your roommate insane. Locate your inner troll and find out how to mess with your roommate’s mind without making him resort to violence in order to stop your scheming.

4.) Brazen Careerist: How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage in the Job Hunt

There are some clear advantages that our generation has over older folks competing for jobs in a cutthroat market. Build your confidence when searching for a job with these reasons why employers should consider hiring younger applicants.

5.) 10 Happy Jobs for Young Business Professionals

Everyone knows that a happy employee is more likely to be productive and churn out quality work than a sad-sack worker. These business-related jobs have been proven to make its staff feel fulfilled and pleased with the work they are doing.

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