McLovin Links November 11, 2011

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With the Penn State scandal in the brightest of media spotlights, it’s been an emotional week for the college world. Take a break from the drama (or, if you’re a Nittany Lion, from rioting the streets of State College) by reading some top-notch advice about some of our favorite things – sleep, jobs and food.

1.) Are you part of the 81% of college students who don’t get enough sleep? If so, check out TalkNerdy2Me’s advice on catching more Zs.

2.) Walkmen and CD players suffered a slow and painful death in past years – is the iPod next? Thankfully, College Info Geek has some fresh suggestions on how to listen to your music.

3.) We’ve all heard that employers are checking the Facebook accounts of potential hires, but did you know they read your blogs, too? Here’s what they like to see, courtesy of Brazen Careerist.

4.) Have a morning class that leaves you no time for breakfast? Don’t go hungry: here are five foods that Small Kitchen College deems class-friendly.

5.) If all goes well, you’ll be able to steer clear of coffee-fetching internships. But if you happen to get so unlucky, try to remain calm. can help you maintain your sanity.

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