McLovin Links September 9, 2011

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If you were wondering what that clicking sound is, it’s the sweet clatter of college students all over the world procrastinating on their homework by hopping online for only five minutes.  I’m sure that’s what they intended to do before they opened twenty tabs that likely include Facebook, their email, and a random article that is currently amusing them.  It’s not that I condone avoiding schoolwork at all costs… what was I saying again?  Here is a collection of fun and engaging articles to aid you on your quest of academic self-destruction:

1.) Small Kitchen College: A Food-Lover’s Guide to First Dates

Eating and dates go together like the Internet and bored college kids.  Learn what to do if you ever find yourself going out with a “Penny Pincher,” “Picky Eater,” and more.

2.) CampusSplash: How Early Should I Start Applying for Scholarships?

This one might actually be (gasp!) educational.  Here what a diverse array of college students have to say about the best time to start scholarship hunting and what to do to make that scholarship become yours.

3.) TalkNerdy2Me: How the Internet Helps Me to Always Have Clean Clothes

It’s hard to conceive now, but there was a time where the Internet was only a glint in the eyes of computer programmers like Tim Berners-Lee.  Discover a pre-Google world where, if you wanted to look something up, you had to leave the comfort of your dorm/apartment and go to a library.

4.) College Candy: If SATC3 Gets the Green Light…10 Other Trequels We'd Like to See

Is Hollywood really considering making a third Sex in the City movie?  That scary notion aside, there are plenty of other movie franchises that could easily become trilogies.  Bring on The Hangover III: Alan’s Wedding!

5.) SplashLife: How to Handle Criticism with Grace

Everybody’s a critic, and critics like to exercise their right to critique as much as possible.  Find out how to deal with it so you don’t end up curled up in the fetal position wondering if your cooking really is too bland. 

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