Making A Quick Buck On Campus

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Are you in need of a little extra spending money? Does the idea of a job repulse you? Check out these tips on how to make a quick buck on your campus without a job or resorting to selling your body:

1.) Start a Small Business
It is pretty popular these days for students to start up their own t-shirt companies. You don’t have to start a company though in order to print shirts. Find out when your school is playing their big rival and start the process early. Get shirts ordered with a sweet print making fun of that otherschool and sell them for a few bucks more than what you paid.
2.) Use Your Skills (if you have any)
All skills will someday come in handy. Nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills will most likely be used later in life. Currently, if you have skills with photoshop or web design, ask around your campus for small organizations that may need a flyer or even a website designed. Charge them a small fee and BOOM, cash money in the pocket.
3.) Tutoring
You may have everything figured out in your rocket science class, but I am sure some of your classmates are struggling. Sign up at your campus’s tutoring center or just make a simple announcement to your classmates after lecture. Be sure to tell them that this service is not free if you want to be paid.
4.) Take Notes
That thing that we are supposed to already be doing in class, taking notes, can end up making you some cold hard cash. Check with your local bookstore to see if they offer the amazing opportunity to take notes for money. The other route would be to find the laziest kid in class and pitch him your idea of notes for cash.
5.) Designated Driver
If you are a student who is lucky enough to have a car at school and you happen to be a student who does not participate in alcohol related activities, I applaud you. I also offer you the knowledge that you could be making a killing by driving drunken college students around!
6.) Write For Your Campus Newspaper
Can you write well? If so, write for your campus newspaper. I’m sure they would be more than happy to hear your rant on which pizza place in town is the best or whatever else your heart desires. Give it a shot, as long as it pays.
7.) Research Studies
If you are not writing for your campus paper you should at least be reading it. Look for adds that are looking for students to take part in surveys and research studies. Psychology is usually a pretty popular study that advertises for these things and they usually pay about $10 just for participating.
8.) Join A Street Team
Ask local businesses and organizations on campus about potential street teams. Being a street team member usually consists of doing a lot of advertising. This includes chalking up sidewalks and handing out flyers. Vandalize sidewalks and get paid for it? Where do I sign up!?
9.) Sell Books
Go through that messy closet of yours and search for some old textbooks. If you have some, they could be worth a few bucks. Take them to the local bookstore and see how much you can get for your buried treasure.
10.) Buying Alcohol
College Magazine would never condone buying alcohol for minors, but we would condone buying it for yourself and perhaps delivering it to a person who may or may not be of age, for an exchange of currency that is most likely just money that person owes you.
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