Mood Rings and Seafoam Greens

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Once the weather hints at switching gears, Cosmopolitan and Glamour (and every other women’s interest magazine on the face of the earth) put out articles on what “hot” colors celebrities are wearing for the upcoming season.
In an attempt to shake away our annual bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), CM is feeling inclined to do the same, but with a pop-psychology twist. Follow this guide to figure out which spring colors you should be getting into, with a focus on what each shade can project about your personality and communicate about your mood.

Pinks and Reds

Both shades have always been associated with love and lust, as rouges suggest sensuality and pretty pinks connote flirtation. “I like wearing pastel pink,” said Yuna Sohn, a junior at Emory University. “I don't like wearing only dark colored clothes, so I just … wear warm, crème pink and try to cheer myself up! I don't want to look all serious in dark colors, because that's not like me,” she added.
Donning a dress – or even adding accessories – in either shade will give you a romantic, sexy feel. While almost everything Ms. Nicki Minaj wears is disastrous, take a page out of her makeup playbook and use the MAC Pink Friday lipstick shade that bears her name to create a cute look that’s playful and feminine.


Oranges and Yellows

From coral to near red shades, orange promotes excitement and warmth. To bring energy to a basic outfit, add an orange bag or statement ring to bring in some light. If you’re feeling more ambitious, find yourself a knockoff of the form-fitting, orange Victoria Beckham tank dress that Cameron Diaz wore to the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party and make a definitive, vivacious statement.
Yellows do much the same thing as oranges, communicating a sunny, happy vibe. Wearing a soft, pastel yellow dress like this one from Topshop grabs attention and lets you show your über-cheery side, without looking like a highlighter and irritating passers-by.


Greens and Blues

Making up the “cool” side of the color wheel, aqua, seafoam green and turquoise shades are always great options once the weather turns warm. Blue and green are two of the most peaceful colors, as the former is associated with tranquility and the latter is reminiscent of nature and springtime renewal.
“I wear a lot of blue, mostly because my eyes are blue and it compliments that, but also because it’s relaxing and I’m always stressed out,” said Anne Hermes, a junior at Emory University. Working in a bold piece of royal blue jewelry or a light, mint green blouse can bring a little serenity and nature into your outfit in a big way.


Historically associated with royalty, wearing deep, rich purples suggests something regal and sophisticated. Whether you sport a pop of color in the form of vibrant violet pumps or go all out with an indigo dress, choosing purple guarantees a touch of elegance. Just look to Julie Bowen’s 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards gown to see how purple can have that classy effect.

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